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Proteus Tracking prides itself on understanding our clients needs, customising a solution for them and then delivering a fully integrated outcome

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Proteus tracking is a class leading and innovative Internet of Things (IOT) company. Proteus tracking prides itself in identifying our clients problem areas and delivering breakthrough technology solutions across all industries. We supply enabling hardware combined with our proprietary software to provides a complete solution to track, monitor and identify, virtually anything, anywhere.

Proteus Tracking prides itself on understanding our clients needs, customising a solution for them and then delivering a fully integrated outcome.


We provide real-time tracking to an accuracy of 0.5m
We utilize existing infrastructure
Centralised analytics
Alerts and notifications
User friendly reporting
Security light touch roll out.

Our Wi-Fi Tags and or GSM Tags transfer the data via Wi-Fi or GSM to our Collection Server. Our Collection Server uploads the information to the Cloud, where the Proteus Elves perform some magic and you are able to log into your computer and see real time data on dashboards. We also provide PDF reports as frequently as you require with as much information as you require. Customised, simple and clean

Our goal is to revolutionise the asset and personnel tracking, monitoring and reporting​ industry. Proteus Tracking wants to be the Gold Standard to which our competitors are always comparing themselves to and to which the clients always compare our competitors products to. Proteus Tracking has a goal of permanently creating, redesigning and innovating and to really maintain the title of Market Leaders in our field.

Clients keep us in business. Clients help us to grow our business. We feel that it is only quid pro quo that we are here for you, our clients, 24/7. You are our ambassadors, our breadline and our free advertising. We know that you can help us grow and we in turn offer our help to you 24/7 to help you manage your most important asset, your time. Please get hold of us if you have requirements or questions, and we will answer.


Proteus Tracking are industry leaders in full-service delivery of location monitoring and reporting solutions. Our Edge comes from the fact that we design and manufacture all our own hardware and customise all our own software, making us market leaders in integrated solutions. We own the whole process, no outside 3rd parties, and no hidden surprises. Proteus Tracking lead, our “competition” covets.


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